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SIIT is an Official Partner of Microsoft Live@Ed ®. Live@Edu provides students with a free 10GB lifetime email account, 25GB online storage solution, collaboration, blogging, photo sharing, instant messaging tools and much more!

This partnership enables and empowers SIIT Students, Faculty, and Staff with online applications privileges. Microsoft Software plus services provides rich user experience, which are accessible anywhere, with advance security for web applications. Plus, saves the administration from providing email access and applications by purchasing high-end servers with a high bandwidth connection. The partnership provides value to institution by providing official school email system that integrates to on-premise applications. Thus it reduces the cost, allowing administrators control and direct access.

With these tools, Students can use Windows Live Skydrive - a password protected online storage space - to share documents among devices and with friends. Students can set up personal and shared folders within their Skydrive and turn shared access on and off. Skydrive is accessible from anywhere online, the days of transferring files on flash drives may be at the end.


JobsDB CampNet, or “campus network”, is the partnership program of JobsDB Philippines Inc. exclusively established for the benefit and service of higher educational institutions.  JobsDB works together with SIIT in providing career opportunities and a venue for career development.

The main proposed program of CampNet is the Career Microsite.  The Career Microsite is derived from JobsDB Dimension – the recruitment software of JobsDB.  The Career Microsite is an interactive recruitment tool that specializes in screening, filtering, and streamlining the time-consuming recruitment process.  Not only it can be used as a recruitment tool, it can also be used as an interactive database management system and career website.  

As CampNet partner, the Microsite is a very useful tool by utilizing it as a “Campus Career Site” and an interactive database management system.  The Microsite can provide the following:

  • Own Career Site.  CampNet partner will have their own career site that can be accessed by the members their community.  Visitors of the career site can look for career opportunities coming from JobsDB’s database and from CampNet Partner.  Not only they can look for career opportunities, they can also send their applications online.
  • Interactive Database Management System.  Once a visitor registers their profile through the Microsite, his/her profile will be saved in a private database.  The information stored in the database can be utilized according to your needs.  The system can be used as a tracking and monitoring system for your alumni, data retrieval, automation of graduates listings, produce comprehensive reports, and a whole lot more.
  • Automated Career Management System.  Since the Microsite can provide your institution your own career site, you can also post job openings and send applications to companies interactively.
  • Integration to JobsDB.  Not only your career site be limited to your own posted job openings, career opportunities from JobsDB can also be viewed in your career site.  Your Career site is integrated with enabling active members to gain greater exposure and access to limitless career opportunities and other advantages of registering in the network.